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The Best Ways to Sell your House in Fayetteville NC As-Is

by | Jul 18, 2022

The Best Ways to Sell your House in Fayetteville NC As-Is

There are a number of reasons that would make any homeowner want to sell their Fayetteville house fast. You could be paying off a loan, undergoing bankruptcy or divorce, or just wanting to get the Fayetteville home off your hands as quickly as possible. It is common to do home maintenance repairs before selling a home in order to attract more buyers, but some people do not have the luxury of time or the right budget to do so.

Selling a home is already a time-consuming task by itself. Selling your Fayetteville house as-is – flaws and all – will pose a challenge. In North Carolina, it takes an average of 41 days to get an offer for home listings and another 35 days to close on the deal. That is approximately 76 days that some people do not have to wait around to sell. So when time is of the essence, how do you sell your Fayetteville, NC fast and as-is? Here are some options to consider.

Include “As-Is” in Your Fayetteville Listing

Unless stated otherwise, buyers will assume that there are no issues to expect when buying your home. Including “as-is” in your listing will help connect you to better prospective buyers who are looking for Fayetteville homes that aren’t in best condition. The buyer can immediately understand that you, as a seller, will not be doing any repairs, which means that they’ll be the one to shoulder these costs if they decide to purchase your property. Your buyer can still request an inspection of the home to estimate the overall costs, but the buyer should keep in mind that what they see is what they will get.

This may be the easiest strategy for selling a home as-is, but it does not mean it has no disadvantages. The buyer can use this as leverage to ask for a lower price than if you had done home improvement repairs. Lowering your price will help you compete against other listings if you’re trying to sell your Fayetteville house fast, but keep in mind that you are trading a higher asking price for a quicker sale.

Disclose All the Flaws You’re Aware of

Even if you are selling as-is, you are not exempt from hiding major issues from your buyer. Most states (North Carolina included) will have you file a disclosure form when selling as-is in order to give buyers a comprehensive review of the property they are interested in. However, you are not required to hire a professional to conduct an official inspection of your Fayetteville property. You may simply fill out a disclosure form with all the flaws to your knowledge as a homeowner.

While this can protect you from flaws you’re not aware of, it also protects the buyer against attempts to hide issues that could affect their health and safety. If the buyer finds a major issue that you failed to disclose before the sale and there’s proof that you knew of this issue, you may incur legal fines for this or even be charged with fraud.

Handle Your Fayetteville Property’s Issues Accordingly

Selling your house as-is does not immediately imply that there are major flaws or code violations that buyers should be wary of. “As-is” could mean that you have a difficult tenant whose lease has not ended yet, had tenants that left furniture, or even had a hoarder or bad tenant that left your Fayetteville property in a bad state. It could also mean that you do not want to spend money on updating outdated but functional fixtures in your home. Additionally, it could imply that you are simply leaving furniture behind because you do not want to spend to have it disposed of or sent away.

The “as-is” condition of your property may vary and cause different buyers to pass on it. It can take some time for a suitable buyer to close on your house despite the flaws because not all buyers are prepared to deal with the downside of your home’s reduced asking price.

Sell to a professional home buyer!

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