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At Allora Homes we do our best to provide excellent service every time, which is why we are proud to share our client reviews!

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Tracey Jones
Jake and Marie are so knowledgeable when it comes to real estate and helping military families near Fort Bragg. They know all about PCSing and the challenges that come with moving quickly. They were able to hop on a call with me to answer all my questions about the Fayetteville area.
Marie and Jake have continued to be a pleasure to work with! They really care about their clients and the connections they make with other people. Allora Homes is constantly working to help the people in their community and beyond! They are knowledgeable about their market and really take the time to make sure you understand and are taken care of. Can’t wait to work with them again!
JP Kilduff
Marie and Jake are so helpful!! I called her wanting to know if I could sell a property that needs repairs in this market and she not only helped me understand what they do but also helped me understand how to get the most for my property. I highly recommend her and Jake. Thanks so much guys!
B K Jr
I've known Marie for a long time recently met Jake. Between the two of them they are pitbulls in supporting all your service members. I called them last week and asked a favor for a friend pcsing from Tampa to Fayetteville. Not only did I get a quick response but I got immediate response from Marie and Jake both. They have multiple properties readily available. They were able to work with my friend and get him situated in less than several days. They provided him a brand new refurbed home for his family. It hasn't even hit the market yet and they are getting situated so that they can find a future home with the same team. This is just a short-term rental in the meantime and they're excited to get relocated into the North Carolina area. If you're a service member looking for fast responsive good homes at the top shelf requirement reach out to Maria and Jake. They are my friends and they support all service members. Check out all of their videos check out their support check out their experience. you who understand the vocabulary Jake is a PJ with PCS experience and multiple deployments they're here to support you! Semper Fidelis!
Steff M
Marie and Jake are the best in the business! They make an excellent team and can buy your property fast. If you have questions about military PCS, talk to Jake. He's a veteran with extensive knowledge and can help make the process as stressless as possible.