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Here’s Why You Should Go With a Cash Home Buyer in Fort Bragg

by | Aug 31, 2022

Here’s Why You Should Go With a Cash Home Buyer in Fort Bragg

Cash offers are all-cash bids, meaning the buyer doesn’t need a mortgage loan or other financing to buy a home. Sellers love these offers because there’s no buyer financing fall-through risk, and they usually close faster.

Are you planning to sell your house fast in Fort Bragg and are considering selling for cash? Here are top five reasons why selling to a cash home buyer makes sense.

1. Faster and More Flexible Sales Process

Cash offers are more attractive to sellers because there’s no fall-through risk and it closes faster. The cash buyer doesn’t need a mortgage, since they already have the cash. As a result, the mortgage application and approval process can be skipped.

A sale is also less likely to fall through if the buyer doesn’t have a mortgage. It’s possible for a mortgage buyer to run into financial difficulties, like an employment change. Underwriting a mortgage also takes a month or more, so there’s always the possibility that the deal will fall through if the buyer can’t get a loan during that time. As a result, mortgage buyers are less reliable and certain.

When you sell a Fort Bragg house for cash, no nee for a mortgage application, documentation, underwriting, or appraisal. There are some things the buyer needs to do, like sort out the title policy and insurance, provide proof of funds, and sign closing documents, but that may only take a week. Cash home buyers only have to show proof of funds, which shows the buyer is ready to close quickly.

You also don’t need a real estate agent when you sell your Fort Bragg house for cash. You don’t have to wait for them to take photos, list your home, or host open houses. Faster closings mean more money in your pocket as fast as possible.

2. No Need for Improvements and Updates

The house can typically be sold as-is in a cash sale. You can offer your home “as-is,” and the buyer can take it or leave it. You don’t have to agree to make repairs before a buyer agrees to buy the house. Therefore, cash offers usually have few, if any, contingencies.

3. No Real Estate Fees

A cash offer means you don’t have to pay a realtor’s commission. The commission is usually around 6%, which can mean a sizeable chunk of your profits going to someone else. A seller may accept less money from a cash home buyer, but this means they can save on improvements, bank fees, agent fees, and interest.

4. Less Nitty Gritty

There are a lot of things that can go wrong during the home selling process. With a cash home buyer, a lot of those make-or-break steps can be avoided. The deal favors the seller because the buyer knows they’re getting an as-is house.

Also, a cash home buyer doesn’t need an appraisal like a mortgage buyer would. Home appraisals are required by mortgage lenders and are part of the home buying process. Cash home buyers in Fort Bragg usually skip this step. Thus, a cash offer can help people sell their houses fast and eliminate the need to get an appraisal.
Cash home buyers will pay some of the same fees. For example, a buyer has to pay an earnest money deposit, transfer taxes, escrow fees, and closing costs in either case. In addition to homeowner’s insurance, HOA fees (if applicable), and property taxes, the homeowner has to buy homeowner’s insurance.

5. Avoids Foreclosure

Selling your Fort Bragg house for cash will help you pay your mortgage and start over sooner if you’re going to be foreclosed. Cash home buyers have helped countless homeowners in this situation, as well as people looking to downsize, sell a property they recently inherited, move somewhere else, and other conditions that warrant a quick home sale.

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