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Military Family Moving Tips in Fort Bragg, NC

by | Sep 25, 2022

Military Family Moving Tips in Fort Bragg, NC

Moving to a new state or a new city? Wherever your new station might be, it doesn’t change the fact that moving is hard and can quickly be overwhelming. While military families might be used to moving regularly, that doesn’t mean the relocation process gets any easier.

You may never be able to settle down in a single location due to military deployment or orders for a permanent change of station (PCS). But don’t worry, this is nothing new. This is typical for a military family in Fort Bragg, therefore you should work on getting used to it and adjusting to the regular deployments. Since a PCS includes a full household move, it only makes sense to take the required precautions in preparation.

With these practical packing and moving ideas for the whole family, whether it’s your first PCS or your fifth, you can make your upcoming military move more effective, less stressful, and maybe even a little fun! Keep on reading for some tips from the best real estate agents in Fort Bragg, NC.

Military Family Moving Tips


Plan your move in advance

Prepare at least six weeks before your move, moreso if you have a lot of furniture and possessions. You already know there are a lot of things to do, so start organizing your thoughts early and plan for things you can expect and lessen the stress during the actual move later on.


Have a moving binder

Put all of your information, including your estimates and an inventory of the items you’re moving, in a binder or ledger. Put together a binder containing copies of your orders, birth certificates, social security cards, mortgage documents, rental agreements, etc. You might consider this to be a lot of work, but after you see how easy it is to organize your information in a binder, you’ll be pleased you did.

Take an inventory using your camera

Doing a meticulous home inventory is crucial for any PCS move. However, not everyone has the time to do a thorough home inventory of everything they own. To solve this dilemma, just take a photo or video of everything you own. Doing an inventory might seem burdensome, but it will simplify packing and unpacking, as well as streamline the process for filing a claim if something was lost or damaged during the move. If you need to make a claim, a photo or video is hard to dispute.

Determine which things to throw out, sell, donate, or keep

Decide which items in your home are necessary and which ones may be discarded as you walk through it. Adopt a decluttering strategy, such as going through the home and throwing out ten things each day. Items that are broken or destroyed should be thrown aside. Hold a yard sale after gathering belongings. Once per week, drop off something at the base thrift shop or a nearby collection point. Consider Craigslist, Etsy, and eBay.

Utilize resources available to you

There are countless tools available for military families, whether its for a PCS move or an OCONUS move (Outside of Continental United States). You can find a variety of useful tools and websites, from information on moving entitlements and allowances to ideas for putting down roots in a new city. The “It’s Your Move” sheet is available to all military personnel and can be used to make a budget and learn more about shipping and storage options. Using Military Kids Connect, you can support your kids in making new friends in your new city.

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