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Military Family Moving Tips in Fayetteville, NC

by | Aug 11, 2022

Military Family Moving Tips in Fayetteville, NC

Are you moving to a new city? Anyone can find moving overwhelming. But for military families who move a lot, there are even more details to consider. Whether it’s your first permanent change of station or not, make your next military move more efficient, less stressful, and maybe even a bit more fun with these helpful military family moving tips for families in Fayetteville.

How to Move Out of Fayetteville as a Military Family

1. Figure out what to do with your Fayetteville home.

Before you start planning for the move, figure out what happens to your current house. The obvious choice is to list it for sale before the big moving day, especially if you don’t know anyone in your neighborhood you can sell it to.

However, selling the traditional way takes some time and money. Some houses stay on the market for months; time that you may not be able to afford especially if you’re moving soon. You also might need to upgrade or repair parts of the house to improve its chances of selling before your big moving day comes.

If you’re searching “sell my house fast in Fayetteville,” then selling to a cash home buyer is your best bet. Cash buyers pay you in cash and will buy the home as is and on your chosen schedule.

2. Start letting go of your belongings when moving.

Getting rid of stuff early and often is common for military families who are always on the move. Donating or selling old stuff on a regular basis can save you time and stress you out less when you get new orders to move.

3. Get moving details sorted out early.

You’ll want to set up a meeting with your base transportation office and family center as soon as you get orders. They can explain your options, tell you about military housing, and give you resources for the whole family.

You should then hire a military family moving company that you trust and that’s covered by your reimbursement package. You’ll get a better rate if you hire movers sooner, and you’re more likely to get your preferred moving date.

Also, book a hotel near your new base to settle in during any gap time between moving out and moving in. Check out military childcare options early, file any necessary school transfer paperwork, or get your kids on waitlists if you’re hoping to enroll them in private or charter schools.

4. Organize everything on a binder and checklist.

When you’re moving, you’ll need paperwork more than you thought. Create a binder with sleeve protectors that contains copies of your orders, birth certificates, social security cards, mortgage documents, rental agreements, etc. It’ll make you feel even more organized.

5. Take inventory of your belongings.

Knowing exactly what’s going with you is key to a successful move. Find out what and how much you can take with you with PCS entitlements. You can make an inventory once you know what you’re taking. You can record the name, description, and condition of everything in your Fayetteville house with a smartphone or computer.

6. Talk to your kids about moving early.

Talk to your kids about your move sooner rather than later. In addition to talking about their questions and emotions, you could also involve them in the packing. Make packing a game or reward system to help ease the transition.

7. Ask for help.

Make the most of your resources before you move. Play with your kids and pets while you pack. Ask friends and other military spouses to help supervise the packers and movers so your instructions are followed. Use any nearby help before starting over.

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