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Home Improvement and Maintenance Tips for Military Families in Fort Bragg NC

by | Jul 31, 2022

Home Improvement and Maintenance Tips for Military Families in Fort Bragg NC

Military personnel are often moving from location to location with their families as part of their job. And even after their service, military veterans may find the need to relocate and find a home that meets their financial and practical needs. With this, home improvements are common among military families either to raise the property value before they sell or to help update an old home.

If you’re a temporary Fort Bragg homeowner looking to add some value to your home or as a retired veteran looking to spruce up a house, here are some home improvement and maintenance tips for your military family in Fort Bragg, NC.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Having routine maintenance done on your Fort Bragg home can help catch anything that may need any repairs, replacements, or inspections. Even if you do not use your home amenities such as swimming pools or fireplaces, make sure that they get regular maintenance for consistent functionality and quality. Look out for water damage in areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, and ceiling to prevent rot and clogs. Additionally, look out for any damage in areas you do not normally pay attention to such as the attic, basement, and roof.

Though it may be a bit pricey, have a Fort Bragg inspector look at your plumbing and electrical systems once in a while. The cost of hiring an inspector is a small amount compared to the repairs needed for an electrical fire or burst pipe.

Keep Your Fort Bragg Home Tidy

Holding off on purchasing decorations or anything big that you do not immediately need will be beneficial, especially if you know you will only be occupying a home in Fort Bragg temporarily. In addition to future difficulties you might incur when it’s time to move out, having an untidy home may put off potential buyers who come to see the Fort Bragg property.

To prepare for potential buyers, you can have your home professionally staged. The decorations should be kept to a minimum and any personal belongings like family photos should be removed. By keeping your Fort Bragg home looking clean but generic, buyers are given a clean slate to picture themselves living on the property.

Update Your Fort Bragg Home Appliances

Replacing your old appliances with energy-efficient options can help you save on utility bills while attracting new buyers to your Fort Bragg home. Energy-efficient windows, LED lights, and digital thermostats are the most common things that can be updated for an eco-friendlier home. Lower energy costs can help appeal to customers and help sell your Fort Bragg home faster.

If you have the budget to consider renovations, consider doing them to the kitchen and bathroom first. These rooms are selling points that buyers tend to give more attention to when looking at homes. You don’t have to apply very grand changes like completely changing fixtures. Repainting cabinets, better lighting, and changing tiles can completely transform a space on a tight budget.

Improve Your Fort Brag Property

Knowing you are not going to permanently reside in one place, do not be quick to personalize a space. A lively splash of paint or some fancy wallpaper may sound nice and cozy to you, but it may turn off buyers who want more of a neutral canvas. This can turn away buyers who are not willing to spend more money to remove these small, personal touches.

Spend on home improvements instead. Replace outmoded fixtures, upgrade your appliances, and repaint the walls with a neutral hue. You will be able to draw in more customers this way.

Need to Learn More?

Constantly having to relocate can be difficult for military families. With these home improvement and maintenance tips for military families, you can upgrade your Fort Bragg home’s value and sell for a better profit.

However, putting your house on the market can take some time – time you might not have when you’re moving with little notice. The average time a home stays on the North Carolina market is 76 days: 41 days of waiting for a buyer and the about 35 days to close on an offer. For military families that are regularly on the move, time is of the essence.

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