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Here’s How to Speed Up Your Home-Selling Journey in Fort Bragg, NC

by | Aug 25, 2022

Here’s How to Speed Up Your Home-Selling Journey in Fort Bragg, NC

It’s easier to move on if you sell your Fort Bragg house fast; plus, you don’t have to keep it in pristine condition every time you or your agent bring a potential buyer for a quick tour of your place.

These days, homes are selling faster than in the past few years. However, how fast your Fort Bragg home sells for and for what price depends on more than just timing. Regardless of when you list your Fort Bragg house, here’s how to sell it faster.

Seven Tips to Sell Your Fort Bragg Home Fast

Here are seven tips to consider if you want to sell your Fort Bragg home quickly for whatever reason:

1. Pick a selling strategy.

Pick the best selling strategy before you put up a “For Sale” sign. For-sale-by-owner is good if you feel confident about marketing and negotiating, but it may not guarantee the fastest sale or the highest price. You could save time by hiring a real estate agent. If you need to sell the house fast, you might want to consult a cash home buyer in Fort Bragg, which can close the deal faster than the typical buyer and pay you in cash.

Feel confident in your selling strategy, and don’t switch between them while your house is on the market. Constantly changing circumstances might turn off buyers.

2. Depersonalize the house.

Get rid of all your family photos. It’s important that buyers see your Fort Bragg house as a home for their family, not yours.

Remove all political and religious items, your kids’ art work from the refrigerator, and anything that marks your house as yours. Collections like figurines, sports memorabilia, or kids’ toys can make a buyer think less about the house and more about you. Replace family photos with neutral art or get rid of them entirely — just make sure to remove any nails and repair nail holes where they used to hang.

3. Remove excess furniture and clutter.

Too much big furniture makes a Fort Bragg home seem smaller. Move as much furniture as you can into a storage unit or self-storage container. Pack up your knickknacks and store the pieces you displayed them on. Get rid of rugs, draperies, and clear off your kitchen and bathroom counters. Reduce the contents of your closets, so the home’s storage space looks bigger.

4. Hire a professional photographer.

Poor listing photos could make your Fort Bragg house sit on the market longer (and cost you more). You can get professional real estate photos for a few hundred dollars, and your agent might even include them in their services.

Make sure your Fort Bragg house is illuminated in lots of natural light before you take pictures. Open the blinds, replace old lightbulbs, and update fixtures.

5. Set the right price.

You don’t want to leave money on the table, but setting an unrealistically high price and then lowering it later doesn’t work in Fort Bragg real estate. Now that buyers and agents have more information on comparable homes in Fort Bragg, they know what most houses are worth before they see them. Overpriced homes stay on the market longer even after the price is cut, because buyers think there’s something wrong with them.

6. Be flexible with Fort Bragg showings.

If you’re trying to sell your Fort Bragg house quickly, you’ve got to be flexible with showing requests. Last-minute showings can be too early to promote, and nobody will buy your house if they can’t see it. You risk your home sitting on the market for a long time if you don’t accommodate buyers’ schedules.

7. Make sure to time your sale right.

Check out info for your local area if you need to sell your Fort Bragg house fast to find out when the peak selling time is. Do more people come to showings on weekends? Should you hold them during payday? Find out the answers to important questions like these before you schedule your viewings.

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