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Here’s How to Prepare for Moving to a Military Encampment

by | Sep 15, 2022

Here’s How to Prepare for Moving to a Military Encampment

Moving is challenging, that much is true. The process becomes stressful because there are so many things to do and steps to climb. Whether you’re just moving into a new apartment a few blocks away or into an entirely new city out of Fayetteville, you still have a lot to do and so much to prepare. Even more so if you and your family are moving into a military encampment.

It doesn’t get easier, whether its your first move or your fourth. Military deployment or permanent change of station (PCS) orders can mean that you can’t ever settle in just one place even if you’ve gotten used to your Fayetteville home. But don’t worry! For a military family in Fayetteville, this is common, so you should work on accepting it and adapting to the frequent deployments. Since a complete household move is part of a PCS, it makes sense that you take the necessary steps to prepare for these in advance.

Here are some packing and organization tips you can use to make the transition easier for you and your family.

Fayetteville Military Moving Tips


Plan and prepare in advance

Prepare at several weeks before your move if you have a lot of furniture and possessions. You should then choose which items to keep and which to discard (either by trash, donation, or sale). Make a binder or ledger with all of your information in Fayetteville, including your estimations and an inventory of the things you’re relocating. Even while it might seem like a lot of work at first, you’ll soon realize how simple it is to organize your information in a binder.

Know what to keep and what to throw out

Examine your things and decide which should be donated, disposed of, or sold before you leave Fayetteville. Remember, you want your move to go as smoothly as possible, so bringing fewer belongings will make it simpler to account for them. You can donate toys, clothing, and other household items. Throw away anything that neither you nor anyone else needs. You can sell furniture, gadgets, books, and other essential objects that are too big to carry with you.

Take pictures or record your inventory

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can offer more security in the event that something is damaged or missing when you move out of your Fayetteville home. Create a walk-through video of the entire house before the movers arrive, including opening drawers and cupboards, to have evidence on hand in case problems arise that point to the opposite.

Have a Power of Attorney ready for any mishap

The Power of Attorney (POA) is a useful instrument to have on hand in a variety of circumstances. Having one will enable you to sign documents in place of your spouse before your PCS. Even though they are supposed to be at home for the move, we all know things change last-minute and schedules frequently. Being able to finish your relocation out of Fayetteville without having to worry about whether or not your service member will be at home while the packers load up your belongings is a relief.

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